What participants will learn

The COSM program is a week long, 40-hour program. In order to receive the COSM certificate, all sessions must be attended and successfully passed within a 24 month time period. Note: COSM virtual is typically set up over a few weeks, but are not broken down into five-sessions.

Learning Outcomes:

Program participants will, among meeting other key objectives, learn to develop strategies for achieving safety-related goals in business environments by:

  • Developing clear objectives, goals, strategies, and measures for integrating health, safety, security and environment into the culture of the enterprise,
  • Creating specific methods for promoting occupational health, safety, and environmental program initiatives to organizational decision makers,
  • Establishing measurable expectations and accountability for safety services and assuring that facilities are continually prepared for safety assessments, and
  • Developing a comprehensive safety management system that is capable of assuring that overall safety, by whatever measure, is improved in the organization.
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    COSM does NOT replace contractors’ and owners’ specific training programs and do not authorize employees to do work. The employer must provide the employee with proper training for the specific job.