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TRMA is a proud member of Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC). ARSC Training programs work to develop and revise current training programs that meet a significant portion of OSHA requirements, as defined within the standards. This allows councils like TRMA that perform site orientations, to work with industrial facility representatives, in reducing the amount of redundant information in their site orientations thereby increasing the effectiveness of the training while reducing the cost of development. This is the historical basis upon which, Basic Orientation Plus® and Basic Orientation Plus-Refresher® were initially created. The objective of ARSC Training is to continue this approach and produce new and effective additional reciprocal training programs.


A large amount of the OSHA requirements, as specified in the standards, are met by current training programs that have been developed and revised by council members to ARSC. This enables councils that conduct site orientations to collaborate with representatives of industrial facility to lessen the quantity of redundant material in their site orientations, enhancing the training’s effectiveness while decreasing the cost of development. This serves as the historical foundation for Basic Orientation Plus® and Basic Orientation Plus-Refresher®. There are now a lot of reciprocal programs. This strategy and the continued creation of innovative and efficient supplementary reciprocal training programs are the goals of ARSC.
The Basic Orientation Plus® program meets a significant portion of the OSHA mandated contractor requirements. This increases safety-training efficiency for the contract employee due to a reduction in redundant information being presented
ARSC programs are not intended to completely absolve contract companies of their training obligations. Certain provisions of the standards call for the contractor to give the employer information related to their policies and processes, as well as some hands-on training on particular equipment.
The demands of industry are a main emphasis of the ARSC programs. By reducing recurrent training while ensuring the quality of the instruction from council to council, the contractors, the facilities, and the employees save money and time. By lowering the amount of money that each council needs spend on their own initiatives, the ARSC members also save money.

What is Basic Orientation Plus® (BOP)?

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