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Fall Protection User CBT

Fall Protection User CBT Site-Specific Training Given at Training Center

28FPCBT Fall Protection User CBT Prerequisite: None Computer based self-study (CBT),
approximately 60 minutes. ** Cost $16.00.


Fall Protection User CBT Course Outline

  • Importance of Fall protection
    • Recent Incidents
    • Zero Tolerance approach from plants for fall protection infractions or violations.
    • Hazard Control
    • Assessing the Job
    • Rescue Plan
  • Hazards
    • Suspension Trauma
    • Reflow Syndrome
    • After the Fall – (objects between the harness and the body)
  • Fall Protection Guidelines
    • Anchorages
    • General Planning
  • Understanding the Components of Fall Protection
    • Overview (ABCs)
    • Anchorage
      • Purpose and overview
      • Prohibited points
      • Selection considerations
        • Overhead
        • Swing falls
        • Obstruction
    • Body Harness
      • Purpose and overview
      • Inspect the Harness (Step by Step)
      • Fitting the harness (Step by Step)
    • Connector
      • Purpose and overview
      • Inspection (Step by Step)
      • 100% connection required
    • Deceleration Devices
      • Types
      • Usage and Warning
  • Calculating Total Fall Distance
    • Step by Step
    • Rule of Thumb (SRL/PFL or shock absorbing lanyard < 18½’ < SRL/PFL only)
  • Work rules when working on scaffolds, lifts and ladders
    • Scaffold
      • Usage Rules
      • Scaffold Reminders
      • Classification Tags
        • Load Ratings
        • Calculating Loads
      • ExxonMobil Only Tags
      • Scaffold User Checklist
    • Ladder Usage Rules
    • Aerial lift
  • Hands-on Enhanced Fall Protection and Scaffold User Training
  • Summary