Re-take Policy

Course Code Re-Take Policy
28BOP (Basic Orientation Plus)

70% = Pass

Any trainee failing the program may retake the program the next day or at a later date and receive a reciprocal bade if the trainee passes the program.

28BOPR (Basic Orientation Plus Refresher)

70% = Pass

Any trainee that failes the Basic Orientation Plus-Refresher will be required to take th complete Basic Orientation Plus.

All Computer Based Site-Specific Training (CBT)

80% = Pass

The same day “second chance” is built into the CBT. When a student misses a question during the CBT, they are taken back to the area of the CBT which covered that topic for remediation. They are then given a second chance at the same question. If they miss the question the second time, the computer tells them that they missed and moves ahead. The final CBT score is based on the number of questions asked.
<80% = The company/union hall may register the student for the next available CBT session.

Course CSO and CSR do NOT replace training that may be required of contractor companies by various regulations. The courses are intended to be a review of material that is judged by the manufacturers as important for everyone to know to ensure the safety and health of all employees, visitors and contractors.

Students who fail the class on two separate class days will not be allowed to take the course for one year unless proof
of remedial assistance is presented.