Fall Protection User Hands-On Course

Fall Protection User Hands-On Course


Fall Protection User Hands-On

Fall Protection CBT prior to this training. Employer must sign the Employer Agreement form before signing an employee up for the course.
Instructor led hands-on training. Course is approximately 45 minutes. Cost $33 Members $38 Non-Member.

Class date: Required PPE for hands-on training: short or long sleeve shirt, long pants and closed toe shoes or work boots (no sandals, flip flops or open toe shoes).

Fall Protection User Hands-On Course Outline

After the Fall Protection CBT, the student takes the Fall Protection Hands-on course. This courses consists of:

  1. Proper inspection of fall protection hardware
  2. Inspect defective fall protection harnesses and lanyards to identify defects
  3. Inspect the harness and lanyard the student will be wearing
  4. Don the harness and demonstrate how to properly adjust it
  5. Proper inspection of a scaffold
  6. Inspect a defective scaffold and identify defects
  7. Discussion of Correct and inappropriate anchor points.
  8. Inspect the scaffold the student will be climbing
    Climb an 8-foot scaffold, walk across the deck and descend on the opposite end while 100% connected at all times
  9. Removal of Harness and Lanyard and return to proper storage