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ExxonMobil Crane and Lifting Tier 1

ExxonMobil Crane and Lifting Tier 1 Best Practice
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ExxonMobil Crane and Lifting Tier 1 Best Practice

ExxonMobil Crane and Lifting Tier 1 Best Practice, is a series of 4 CBT’s (Computer Based Training Modules), that have been adopted by Exxon Mobil Corporation and its affiliates, these Manufacturing Best Practices are a part of an ongoing global effort to enhance safe practices worldwide. This Best Practice has been designated a Tier 1 Manufacturing Best Practice (T1BP), which has the potential to prevent Category 1 safety, health, environmental, or security risks. This training defines the minimum requirements to prevent fatal injuries associated with lifting and rigging activities. ExxonMobil Sites must establish Site-specific procedures which are consistent with these guidelines and ensure compliance with all requirements of this T1BP.
1. ExxonMobil FET-393- Lifting Near Overhead Power Lines – $20.00
2. ExxonMobil FET-394- Cranes & Lifting Overview – $20.00
3. ExxonMobil FET-395- Rigging Operations – $20.00
4. ExxonMobil FET-396- Operators and Directors – $20.00
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