Contractor Safety Refresher Course

TRCSR Contractor Safety Refresher Instructor-led class for contractor employees who have attended TRCSO previously and whose badge is no more than 30 days expired. Approximately 3 hours. Cost $53.00.

T, Th 7:30 am

Contractor Safety Refresher Course Outline

Section 1: Lesson Overview
A. Welcome – Introduction of Instructor
B. Program Introduction, Testing Protocol, Forms, Class Emergency Procedures
C. Purpose of TRSC, TRSC Cards

Section 2: Safety Attitudes & Personal Responsibilities
A. Personal Responsibilities & Commitment – Establishing safety improvement goals
B. Drugs/Alcohol Prohibited
C. Conduct, Dress Code & Facial Hair Policy
D. Emergency Action Plans
E. Vehicle Safety, Fork Trucks & Specialized Vehicles
F. MARSEC & Homeland Security

Section 3: Personal Protective Equipment
A. Hard Hats, Eye/Face Protection, Gloves, Hearing Protection, Safety Shoes, FRC
B. Fall Protection
C. Ladder Safety: Inspection and Use
D. Scaffold Use: Training required, types of scaffolds, common hazards, inspections and tags used
E. Respirators

Section 4: Hazard Communication
A. HazCom Standard, Material Safety Data Sheets
B. Container labeling: NFPA and HMIS systems
C. Routes of Entry and How chemicals may affect the body
D. General discussion of chemicals and chemical safety.

Section 5: Safe Work Procedures
A. Process Safety Management – Management of Change
B. Warning Signs, Tags, Tapes
C. Work Permits
D. Fire safety, classes of fire, elements of fire, extinguishing methods, limitations of individual fire-fighting efforts
E. Hot work permits, precautions, fire watch responsibilities
F . Confined space permits, definition of confined spaces, potential hazards, precautions, entry watch responsibilities
G . Lockout/tagout programs, purpose and importance, sources of energy, basic steps and the contractor employee’s role, tagout, lock removal, group lockout, restarting equipment

Section 6: Other Physical Hazards
Electrical safety, overhead power lines, portable tool safety, GFCI/Assured grounding, bonding and grounding, equipment inspection

Section 7: Review, question/answer opportunity, quiz
Video(s) Shown: “Remember Charlie” and “Charlie Answers the Tough Questions” and “Safety: Everyone’s Responsibility” by Phoenix Safety Management