Contractor Safety Orientation


Contractor Safety Orientation

Instructor-led class for contractor employees who have never attended TRCSO or whose badge is more than 30 days expired. Approximately 5 hours. Cost $53.00.

M, W & F 7:30 am

Contractor Safety Orientation Course Outline

Section 1: Lesson Overview

  1. Welcome, Introduction of Instructor, Safety Center Rules, Building Emergency Procedures
  2. Class Agenda, Class Goals

Section 2: Safety Attitudes and Job Mind-Sets

  1. Why Do Incidents Occur?
  2. Personal Intervention – Caring for Your Co-Workers

Section 3: Hazard Awareness and Planning Your Work

  1. How Do You Protect Yourself From Hazards?
  2. Sources of Work Hazards
  3. Types of Safety Controls
  4. Plan Your Work

Section 4: Your Responsibilities

  1. General – Follow Plant Rules, Required IDs, Perform Work as Instructed, Remain in Assigned Area, Incident/Near Hits Reporting, Fit for Duty, No Drugs/Alcohol, General Conduct Rules
  2. Security Procedures – Reporting Suspicious Situations/Behaviors, US Coast Guard/Maritime Security, TWIC, MARSEC Threat Levels
  3. Emergency Action Plans

Section 5: Safe Work Practices

  1. Housekeeping
  2. Vehicle Safety
  3. Signs, Tags & Barricades
  4. PPE – General Requirements, Head Protection, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Hand Protection, Body Protection (FRC – Flame Retardant Clothing), Foot Protection, Removing PPE, Minimum Clothing Requirements at Three Rivers Sites, Respiratory Protection, Fall Protection
  5. Ladder Safety
  6. Scaffold Safety
  7. Electrical Safety
  8. OSHA Hazard Communication
  9. Specialized Vehicles/Heavy Equipment

Section 6: Process Safety

  1. Discuss of Personal vs. Process Safety
  2. Management of Change
  3. Work Permits
  4. Fire Safety
  5. Confined Space Permits
  6. Lockout/Tagout (LO/TO)

Section 7: Environmental Reminders

  1. Follow Site Rules for Waste Disposal
  2. Report All Leaks Immdiately
  3. Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR) Tags

Section 8: Review, Question/Answer Opportunity/Test
Revised: September 2016