The following procedure shall be followed for registering an employee of a contractor (trainee) to attend safety orientation classes at the Three Rivers Safety Center when he/she has requested an accommodation due to a disability as defined by the ADA. Contractors shall:

  • Provide a minimum notice of 5 business days of a requested accommodation;
  • Provide written notice to TRMA no later than 3 business days prior to training on the
    specific accommodation agreed to between the contractor and the trainee. TRMA
    reserves the right to request proof of disability; and
  • Make all arrangements for the specific accommodation, subject to TRMA’s advance
    approval. The Contractor may request TRMA to arrange for an accommodation on the
    contractor’s behalf. In this case, contractor must provide a minimum notice of 3 business

TRMA reserves the right to implement any requested accommodation in such a manner as to minimize the disruption to the other participants in the class. This may include, but is not limited to, scheduling a separate class. Notwithstanding the contractor’s and trainee’s agreement on an accommodation or the contractor’s assurance that it has been made satisfactory arrangements for payment, TRMA reserves the right to finally approve the implementation of any accommodation, taking all circumstances into account. If an accommodation cannot be arranged before training
once notice is provided, or the contractor has not otherwise complied with paragraphs (a)-(c) above, TRMA may require the trainee to attend the safety orientation class at a later date. Finally, TRMA reserves the right to consult directly with the trainee and either initiate or alter the previously agreed-upon accommodation when it becomes necessary, with the right to charge the costs back to the contractor.

Passing of the safety training orientation at the Safety Center is no guarantee that the trainee is fit-for-duty and will be able to work at the TRMA member plants. It is the responsibility of the contractor company to know the requirements of specific plants to which the individual is to be assigned.

TRMA’s provision of an accommodation or auxiliary aid should not be construed as an admission by TRMA that the trainee is a qualified individual under the ADA or is entitled to an accommodation under the Act.