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What do I need to do to register for training.
Establish an account. See

Do I have a Safety training account?
Email or call training center at 815-744-3884

Who are the users on account?
Email or call training center at 815-744-3884

How do I add another user to the account?
Email; provide email address of new user and password (minimum 6 character password)

When is safety training offered?

How can I see a list of registered students for safety training?

Logon to your account, select reports, attendance and registrations

How do I get a registration confirmation?
Once registration is complete a confirmation is listed on bottom of screen. 

Where can I find my receipt?
Credit card transactions are not posted until the day of training, therefore, receipts are available the date of training. Receipts for background searches are available immediately after placing the order. Log on and select receipt icon.

How do I change a registration date?
After logging in to your TRMA account, select Training on the top header bar.  Scroll to Cancellations.  Search for the registration by either the current user who completed the registration or by the social security number/badge number of the student.  Once you have found the student name, click on the edit marker in front of the name. A menu will appear to allow the selection of either a cancellation or rescheduling the class.

How do I cancel a registration?
After logging in to your TRMA account, select Training on the top header bar.  Scroll to Cancellations.  Search for the registration by either the current user who completed the registration or by the social security number/badge number of the student.  Once you have found the student name, click on the edit marker in front of the name. A menu will appear to cancel registration.

Why can’t I select a course?

  • Student is already registered.  Confirm by running a report; attendance and registration.
  • Course not available on the date selected.
  • Student already has training and is not eligible for re-training.

How can I add multiple sites?
Complete registration for first curriculum; select second curriculum make sure the site specific is only checked.

How many sites can be taken in a day?
If registering for CSO/CSR, two sites plus Fall Protection Hand-On training is allowed.  If CSO/CSR is current, site specific training can be taken any day of the week between the hours of 6:30 am to 2:00 pm. See scheduling multiple courses.

How can I be invoiced?
Invoicing is based on account activity.  Most accounts are pay at registration by credit card.  Call 815-744-3884 to determine if your account meets the criteria for invoicing.

How do I pay an invoice by credit card?
Contact or call accounting at 815-531-3608.

How do I know when my training expires?

  • Your TRMA ID card shows all training with their corresponding expiration dates.
  • Log on to and view individual trainee history.

How do I get a replacement TRMA card?
Replacements are issued at the training center. 

What are the plant entry requirements?

Do I need to be a member of TRMA to register for training.
No, see member benefits.

What is NASAP?
NASAP stands for The North American Substance Abuse Program. The database is maintained by the Houston Area Safety Council in conjunction with the four approved Third Party Administrators, TPAs.

What is the purpose of the NASAP?
To provide a safe and substance-free contractor workforce while protecting employee rights and privacy. NASAP includes a process for rehabilitation and keeps individuals that test positive from moving between contractor companies without successfully completing an approved rehabilitation program.

NASAP reduces unnecessary testing redundancy thereby reducing the overall administrative costs for both owners and contractors.

Can I get a copy of the NASAP?
A copy of the of NASAP policy is available on the TRMA website at

Who performs the drug screens?
Experienced, highly qualified, independent Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) will manage the NASAP program.

What is the role of the TPAs?
TPAs will administer the NASAP for participating employees of their contractor clients.  Administration includes notification of required tests, specimen collections & testing, database management, medical reviews, referrals to substance abuse professionals for rehabilitation and maintaining status information for employees. Additionally, TPAs train appropriate contractor employees that will be involved in administering the substance abuse program. TPAs will report employee statuses to the central database and will coordinate with other TPAs as employees transfer to other employers.

What collection facilities can I use?
The contractor should discuss with their TPA the collection facilities the contractor would like to use. The TPA will contact the collection facilities to discuss the procedures for handling the specimen. The employee should contact their employer to find out what collection facility they should go to.

Who are the Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) of the NASAP?
ASAP Drug Solutions
First Advantage
Forward Edge

See the TRMA website under “Substance Abuse” for information about each TPA. It is important for Contractors to comparison shop for the TPA that best suits their needs regarding fees and pricing, convenience of collection facilities, etc. The TPAs listed are national organizations and will work with you to find the most convenient collection locations.

What is the role of the Three Rivers Manufacturers’ Association (TRMA) in NASAP?
TRMA provides a drug-screen look-up function for contractors and manufacturers through the training database. The database is the same software through which contractors order background checks, register for training, check training history, etc.

What are Contractor responsibilities under the NASAP?

  • Establishing a business relation with a NASAP TPA,
  • Having employees sign a one-time Global Release form and sending these to the selected TPA. If signed Global Release forms are not on file, employee NASAP status cannot be uploaded.
  • Ensuring that employees have been tested in accordance with the NASAP, and
  • Ensuring that employees are active in the NASAP database by doing a drug screen look-up before sending workers for substance abuse testing and/or the worksite. (Note: manufacturers may use gate-check procedures to ensure NASAP eligibility. Non-eligible employees will be denied access.)

Ongoing compliance includes conducting random and other required tests per the TPA, ensuring that Contractor employee rosters are updated to the TPA at least monthly upon TPA request, ensuring that employees new to the NASAP have signed global consent forms sent to the TPA, etc.

Why is the NASAP status inactive?
There may be several reasons why a worker is “Inactive”.  Logon to your TPA’s account to see reason for the “Inactive” designation.

What TRMA member companies are participating in the background check program?
AkzoNobel, Americas Styrenics, CITGO Petroleum Corporation, Dow Chemical, Flint Hills Resources, IOI Loders Croklaan, Solvay, Styrolution America, and Stepan Company

Does a worker need a background check if he/she has a TWIC card?
CITGO Petroleum Lemont Refinery is the only facility that accepts a valid TWIC card in place of a background check.

What company will conduct the background check?
First Advantage Corporation has been selected by the manufacturers in this area to perform the background checks.

What do Contractor Companies need to do prior to requesting background checks?
Each contractor company will have to set up an account with First Advantage before they can request background checks for their workers. See application link:

What is the cost of setting up an account with First Advantage?
The cost to set up an account is $125 to cover the cost of the Site Inspection that First Advantage must conduct.

I do not want to go through the application process with First Advantage.

Priority Staffing 815-725-4121 can run the screening for those that do not have an account

My employees underwent a background check when they were hired. Will this background check meet the requirements?
No. The background check must be performed by First Advantage on the TRMA website.

What are the elements of the background check?
A background search consists of the following elements:

  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Prohibited Parties Database Search
  • County Criminal History Search for the previous seven (7) years in each county where the applicant resided during the seven (7) years.

How often does a background check need to be requested?
Each worker needs to have a background check every two (2) years

When does a Contractor Company need to request a background check?
A background check needs to be ordered prior to registering for safety training to work at one of the manufacturers that require background checks.

How do I know if I need to request a background check on a worker?
The training registration system will prompt the contractor to request a background check if the worker has not had one in the previous two (2) years and a background check is required to work at the plant.

 How do I request background check?
Background checks are requested by logging on to the TRMA website as if you were going to register a worker for training. Select Background Screenings.

Who can request the background check?
The background check must be requested by the Contractor (employer). The manufacturer and/or TRMA will not request background checks for Contractor employees.

What information do I need to request a background check?
The Contractor (employer) must have authorization from the worker to request a background check. A sample Consent Form is provided by First Advantage at the time the Contractor account user ID and password are sent by First Advantage to the Contractor.  A sample Consent form is also available on the TRMA website at . The worker must complete and sign the Consent form prior to the employer ordering the background check. The Contractor is required to keep the Consent form for five (5) years.

The following worker information is needed to request a background check:

  • Full legal name
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License Number & State of Issue
  • Current Address (street, city, state and zip code)
  • Date of birth (month, day and year)
  • Gender

How long does it take to get the results of the background check?
It typically takes three (3) to four (4) business days. Contractor companies must monitor the results of each element of the background check. For instance, the results of the Social Security Verification (SSV) usually come back within minutes. If the SSN and the worker’s name are not matched, the Contractor Company will have to resubmit the background check order with the correct information. The worker will not be admitted to class if the SSN cannot be verified.

What is the procedure to order background checks for non U.S. resident workers?
The worker must have a U.S. issued social security number in order to have a background check ordered. For non U.S. resident workers, the employer needs to contact the manufacturer to discuss this situation.

 How do I get the results of the background checks?
The results of the background check will be posted to the Contractor’s account on the First Advantage website. The Contractor must log on to using the user ID and password provided by First Advantage. Training video.

How can I find out what my username and password is for First Advantage?
Call Team Petro at (877) 247-0262. The password needs to be reset every 90 days otherwise the account is deactivated.

Can the Contractor send the worker to the worksite before the results of the background check are known?
The worker can report to work after the background check has been ordered.  It is not necessary to wait for the results of the background search before reporting to work but the employer must check the results to verify the employee meets the owner’s criteria.

What happens if the background screen report shows the worker does not meet the owner’s criteria and the worker is already at the site?
The employer is responsible for reviewing the results of the background check for each worker. If a worker does not meet the owner’s criteria, the employer is responsible for removing the worker from the worksite immediately.

Who has access to the results of the background checks?
Only the Contractor (employer) will have access to the results of the background checks. Each employer decides what employees will be authorized to see the results of the background checks.

How do I know if the worker meets the manufacturer’s criteria?
First Advantage will assign a graded score to the background check report to make it easier for the employer to interpret the results. Each manufacturer will determine the acceptable graded score to work at their site and will communicate this score to each Contractor. The worker meets the manufacturer’s criteria if the worker’s score is at or below the owner’s criteria.

For example, if Plant A selects a graded score of 02 and the worker report grades at a 0, 01 or a 02 – then the worker meets the criteria to work at Plant A. If the worker’s score is a 03 or higher, then the worker does not meet the owner’s criteria. The employer will also have access to the full background check report.

What are the Graded Scores for the participating plants?


Graded Score

AkzoNobel – Morris Plant


Americas Styrenics


CITGO Petroleum - Lemont


Dow Chemical


Flint Hills Resources


IOI Loders Croklaan




Stepan Company


INEOS Styrolution America


What do the Graded Scores Mean?
First Advantage will assign a graded score to the background check report to make it easier for the employer to interpret the results. The numeric values assigned are based on the convictions reported during the past seven (7) years. Below is a brief explanation of each graded score.
00 – Clean record, no convictions found
01 – One or more “non-violent” misdemeanors found
02 – One or more “violent” misdemeanors found
03 – One or more “lesser” felonies found
04 – One or more “violent” misdemeanors and one or more “lesser” felonies found
05 – One or more “higher” felonies found
06 – One or more “higher” felonies and one or more “violent misdemeanors found
07 – Found on the current Patriot Act List (specially designated nationals, terrorists, narcotics traffickers, blocked person, etc.)

Does the Contractor need to tell the plant owner the results of the background check for a worker?

No. The plant owner does not need to know the results. The Contractor is responsible to ensure every worker working at the plant owner’s site meets the owner’s criteria. If the worker doesn’t meet the owner’s criteria, the employer and the employee may want to discuss the issue with the manufacturer and request a variance.

What if a worker thinks his/her background screen information is incorrect?
Workers have the right to see the results of their background check and can appeal the findings on the report. The Contractor (employer) and/or the worker should contact First Advantage by calling Team Petro 877-247-0262 to discuss.

Do Contractors have any compliance responsibilities when they start ordering background screens?
The Contractors, in ordering and using Background Check Reports for employment purposes, shall comply with its obligations under the applicable federal laws, including but not limited to: the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the American With Disabilities Act (ADA), the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA); and the applicable state laws.  Contractors should contact First Advantage for specific guidance.

What is the cost of a Background Check?
The fee for the Background Check is $60 per worker payable via credit card at the time the order is placed on the TRMA website.


What is a TWIC card—How do I get one—TWIC location?

Specialty/Divisional Programs


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