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Training - Rules of Conduct

All students are subject to the following rules.

English Language
Safety Center classes are offered in English only. Students must pass a written test in English. No interpreters or "helpers" are allowed.

Cheating/Falsifying Records
Anyone falsifying identification or caught cheating may be subject to suspension from training center.

IDs Required
The employer or the union hall registering the student must provide the student's social security number. The student must present a valid U.S. Government issued identification card or license that contains a current photograph. This document must be unexpired or expired no longer than 60 days with valid receipt of renewal. Valid U.S. Government issued identification consists of: State Driver License, U.S. Territories, State or Federal Identification Card, State or Federal Inmate Card (includes County & Municipality) or Military Identification, TWIC card or a valid U.S. passport that contains a current photograph.

Attendees, clothing and shoes must be free of dirt, mud, chemicals, dusts, grease, oil, etc.

Class Start Time
Students not checked in and in their seats at start time will be turned away. Check in begins one hour prior to class time. Students are advised to be at the Center at least ½ hour prior to the class start time.

Personal Behavior
Foul, abusive, inappropriate language, crude, suggestive comments or unwanted advances are prohibited.  Participants suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol and/or in the possession of weapons will be asked to leave. Participants rejected for personal behavior may register for future classes consistent with the rules and procedures. However, second time violations will result in the person being banned permanently from future TRMA training.  If a violation occurs, participant’s employer will be notified.

No one will be permitted to harass others. Everyone has the responsibility to avoid any actions, implied or explicit, which may suggest harassment in any form.

Tobacco use is prohibited inside the building but is allowed outside at break times.

Cell Phones, Radios, Pagers
Cell phones, radios, pagers and other electronic devices must be off during classes. Violators will be asked to leave. Call the Safety Center to leave emergency messages for participants.  Photographs are prohibited without instructor permission.

Students are given a photo ID as proof of a passing course. Training expires at 11:59 p.m. on the date(s) listed on the card for each class. A failing score means that TRMA cannot confirm minimum safety knowledge. Individual host companies decide whether a person who fails the class will be admitted to their facility.

Failing a Class
See re-take policy.

Specialty/Divisional Programs


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