April 2012

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We are especially pleased that these companies recognize the value of belonging to TRMA, especially in tough economic times:

Midwest Valve & Fitting
Techtron Engineering Inc.

Turner Industrial Mainenance

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May 8 or June 5, 2012

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Chairman Cristman Lays Out TRMA Goals for 2012

It should come as no surprise that TRMA's board of directors is focusing on safety as a priority goal for the association in 2012. Jim Cristman, TRMA chairman and refinery manager at CITGO Petroleum Corporation's Lemont refinery, laid out the program of work at the annual dinner held March 29, 2012. Safety is the focus of the annual dinner, after all (see related story), but most importantly it's a constant daily focus for TRMA members.

Cristman said a number of initiatives are in the pipe and not yet ready for prime time, but he said there will increased emphasis on leadership safety training and assessment in 2012. Supervisors have the greatest influence on their employees, Cristman said, yet it's estimated that 20% are "at risk" because of their mindset or lack of safety competency.

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Local Industrial Contractors Surpass National Sectors in On-The-Job Safety

Independent industrial contractors who perform work at local manufacturing plants achieved a superior on-the-job safety record during 2011 when compared against national statistics compiled by the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration (OSHA).

The firms were honored at the annual dinner meeting of Three Rivers Manufacturers' Association (TRMA) held March 29, 2012 in Joliet. "This outstanding performance is a reflection of the commitment to safety placed by TRMA manufacturers and the contractors working at our facilities," said TRMA Chairman Jim Cristman, refinery manager at CITGO Petroleum Corporation's Lemont refinery.

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State Budget "Very Depressing": Senator Rezin

Freshman state senator Sue Rezin (R-38th-Peru) says the state of the state's finances is "very depressing" despite passage of a temporary tax increase one year ago to eliminate unpaid bills and fund pension obligations. Speaking to TRMA members March 15, 2012 at a luncheon hosted by the government affairs committee, Rezin said, "as much as I'd like to be rosy about the budget, we're at a point where we have to get back to what is important in state government."

What's important to the Republican side of the aisle is to roll back the tax hike completely and to legislate in a way that attracts business to stay in Illinois and locate here, she said. Rezin charged that the policies of a Democratic controlled general assembly and governor's mansion have done just the opposite: chase businesses to neighboring states.

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