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Making STEM Teaching Relevant Using Industry Partners

AuxSable 2017 TREP visitWith the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards, teachers are increasingly expected to create a classroom setting where the students are actively engaged in inquiry – creating, evaluating and analyzing their own learning. The role of the teacher transitions from "sage on the stage to guide on the side."

To expand their resources and reflect upon their teaching, a group of 13 teachers participated in the TREP -Making STEM Teaching Relevant Using Industry Partners course this summer (June 26-30) to visit exemplar organizations whose business relies upon the successful implementation of STEM:

  • Aux Sable Liquid Products
  • ASIP Local 150
  • IOI Loders Croklaan
  • Flint Hills Resources

After touring the four locations, the teachers were asked to connect and expand their learning experience into their classroom. Below are the final presentations which demonstrate the teachers learning and incorporation of practices, models, concepts or culture of the busnesses visited.

High School:

Middle School