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TRMA/TREP Initiatives

TREP is working with TRMA to create a louder voice for local manufacturing.  Each October, in partnership with Joliet Junior College, TRMA’s MFG DAY opens the door and introduces area high school students to manufacturing. 

Dynamic speakers and high-energy manufacturing Jeopardy competitions have a place in the day.  However, the manufacturers' display case is the centerpiece.  Not only does the display case demonstrates the science and technology--the core of manufacturing, it also allows the students to engage with great men and women of manufacturing.

Click to see photos from MFG DAY 2017

Click to see photos from MFG DAY 2016

Click to see photos from MFG DAY 2015

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Join our Partnership

TREP is first and foremost an education-business partnership. All of our initiatives and projects depend on our membership’s engagement with one another.

There is an interrelationship between good schools, good businesses and good communities.